Refer friends to ITB

Be always on track of money making through ITB, even without investment

All users can earn money weekly without trading and deposit, just by referring your trader friends to us.
In this scheme, users receive part of the ITB income as a reward for the activity of the Referred people, and they can permanently earn unlimited income according to the activity of their friends every week, and the income doesn’t depend on the amount of profit and loss of the introduced people.

Income Path

Benefits of referring friends to us

  • No limit on your income
  • No time limit and the possibility of benefiting from permanent income during the referred friends trading
  • The possibility of using free advertisements to develop your network
  • Providing a personal panel to view the trading of your friends
  • Personal Consultancy to improve your income
  • Monthly income withdrawal


Imagine the referred friends have done a total of 40 lots of transactions in the last week, in this case you will be at the level of Neptune and you receive 2 dollars per lot of transactions, as a result of 40 lots of transactions, your reward is equal to 80 dollars (2 x 40= 80) a week. Also, if, for example, the trading volume of your friends reaches to 80 lots (more than 50 trading lots) in the next week, you will be upgraded to the Uranus level in which you receive $3 for each lot traded, assuming 80 Lot transaction, your weekly income is equal to 240 dollars (3*80=240). In the same way, if the total volume of your friends' weekly transactions changes with the ratios specified in the table below and then you are placed in one of the levels of Neptune to the Sun, your income per lot of transactions per week will change. therefore, the first week you are probably at the level of Neptune, the second week at the level of Jupiter and the third week at the level of Uranus.

IbPlan.LevelWeekly SituationNano & StandardClassic ECN
Minimum VolumeMinimum Active TraderNew Trader($/lot)($/lot)
Uranus 50--3
Saturn 90--4
Jupiter 125--5
Mars 1601-6
Earth 2252-7
Venus 3003-8
Mercury 375419
Sun 5005210