Choosing an Account type for trading is one of the most important decisions in forex and trading. For this purpose, we have considered three types of accounts for you, so based on the amount of capital, the type of spread and the variety of symbols you are able to create your account. After selecting any account, you can decide to operate in its demo or real account.

Initial deposit: 1$

Initial deposit amount of this account is lowest compared to the other two accounts, and that is why this account is more suitable for people who plan to enter the market with a small amount of capital.

Spread Float
Leverage 300
Available Instruments Forex + Metal
Minimum Order 0.001
Swap NO
Max Open Order Unlimited
Maximum Volume Limit per Instrument 50
Stop Out Level 30%

Initial deposit: 30$

This account is more suitable for people who have just started trading in Forex. There are a variety of fixed and floating spreads in this account. Also, a limited number of company stock symbols are provided in this account.

Spread Float & Fix
Leverage 400
Available Instruments Forex(fix) + Metal(fix) + Crypto(float) + Indicator(float)
Minimum Order 0.01
Swap NO
Max Open Order Unlimited

Initial deposit: 50$

This type of account is suitable for people who have trading experience in Forex market. Largest variety of symbols along with the floating spread and unlimited number of open orders are the main features of this account.

Spread Float from 0
Leverage 500
Available Instruments Forex + Metal + Crypto + Index + Stocks
Minimum Order 0.01
Swap Yes
Max Open Order Unlimited
Customer Club Included
Stop Out Level 20%

Commission Free Trade

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