Cryptocurrency Lending

Advantages of Cryptocurrency Lending

  • Fast Deposit
  • No Guarantor or Underwriter
  •  1% Monthly Interest Rate
  •  65% of the value of the collateral

Due to the increasingly growth of cryptocurrencies as well as the complexity and length of the processes of receiving loans from banks, usage of the Blockchain platform has been developed as an alternative path in the world.

We provides loans to applicants while developing blockchain-based tools to support traders. In this plan, users can get a loan by depositing their cryptocurrencies without needing a guarantor and going through long processes.

The cryptocurrency lending system is getting widespread in the world. You can easily and with a few clicks get your loan without the need of a guarantor with lowest interest rate (1%). Note that this plan is suitable for those who intend to keep their principal (Hold) and get a loan with 65% of the value of the collateral

Process of Granting Loan

Send a ticket

Send a cryptocurrency loan request to support through the user panel.

Sign Contract

Client should read and complete the cryptocurrency loan application form then send it back to the support team.

Deposit Collateral

Confirmation of the contract by ITB and deposit of cryptocurrency collateral by the client in user panel wallet.

Receive Loan

Receive cryptocurrency loan in less than 24 hours after deposit.

Trading in the cryptocurrency market

Along with the special services of ITB

cryptocurrency with Loans

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Crypto Loan Terms & Conditions

  • Amount of the loan received is equal to 65% of the value of the collateral (LTV = 65%) provided by the borrower.
  • Depositing the collateral is done through one of the cryptocurrencies available on the ITB platform.
  • Both repayment of the loan and interest is only possible through the ITB wallet of the user account.
  • Minimum loan amount is equal to 100 (one hundred) US dollars and the maximum is equal to 20,000 (twenty thousand) US dollars.
  • Minimum loan length is one month and the maximum is twelve months.
  • Cryptocurrency loan interest rate is (12%) twelve percent per annum or (1%) one percent monthly, which will be paid monthly by the borrower to the ITB.
  • Deadline for the payment of monthly interest on the loan is up to due date of the interest payment, and in case of delay in payment, one percent of the total value of loan will be received daily as compensation.
  • If due to fluctuations in cryptocurrency rates or delays in the payment of interest by borrower, it can be liquidated by the ITB under the following conditions:
    Amount of the loan is equal to quorum of Liquidation LTV, which is equal to 80% of the total deposit collateral.
    After reaching the quorum of the loan margin Call, which is equal to 75% of the total amount of the deposit collateral, Borrower is obliged to upgrade the deposit to LTV = 65%, in case of failure to upgrade the deposit by the borrower within seven days after reaching the quorum of the Margin call, the ITB is allowed to liquidate the deposit collateral.


Register at ITB Broker and gain the benefits of a secure wallet and cash loan using your own cryptocurrency wallet. Loan is granted easily and without the need for a guarantor, cheque or promissory note, within 24 hours for depositing your cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, etc.

After signing the loan agreement, the ITB broker will deposit the equivalent of 65% of your deposited cryptocurrency in dollars to your user account wallet.

After maturity and repayment of loan principal and interest, ITB will transfer collateral tokens to your wallet.

Margin call occurs when the amount of your collateral falls below a certain amount, in which case the borrower is obliged to upgrade his deposit collateral up to 65%.

As the recipient of the loan, after paying the principal and calculated interest of the loan, you will have the option of terminating the loan contract after correspondence with the relevant experts.