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    What is Hamster Kombat? Everything You Need to Know about this Tap-to-Earn Game

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      In the recent months, many people, not only those who are actively engaged with financial markets such as crypto and forex, have been talking about tap-to-earn games. One of the most popular examples is Hamster Combat (or more correctly, Hamster Kombat), which is the topic of the present blog. Here, we are going to tell you what exactly Hamster Combat is and how it works. In addition, we answer some of the most controversial aspects of this game. Keep reading!

      An Introduction to Tap-to-Earn Games

      One of the most recent developments in GameFi are tap-to-earn games in which the gamer simply taps on their cell phone’s screen (or any other interactive screen) to gain some sort of cryptocurrency. Usually, these coins are spendable in crypto games and can be spent to purchase in-game items. Additionally, some exchanges list these coins, which makes them accessible for traders to buy and sell.

      The fact that playing these games doesn’t need any prior experience or crafted skill, makes them available to a broad range of players. So, in contrast to many other play-to-earn games, tap-to-earn games are not limited to experienced gamers. On the contrary, everyone who has a cell phone or a tablet, an internet connection, and, of course, a finger (or any type of tapping organ/tool!) is able to play these games.


      Some of the most popular tap-to-earn games are:

      • Hamster Combat
      • MemeFi
      • Tapswap
      • Pepe Wicka
      • Notcoin
      • Yescoin

      What is Hamster Combat?

      If you already are a Telegram member, you have probably noticed many of the contacts that you have on your phone are joining Telegram almost every day and you’re wondering why. We are not sure about your contacts, but in general terms, the reason is a promising tap-to-earn game (read above) called Hamster Combat (or more correctly, Hamster Kombat). Based on Telegram, this game is definitely the most popular tap-to-earn game across the globe at the time of writing this blog, which is June 23, 2024.

      The reason why this game attracted so much attention in a really short time is mostly what a similar project called Notcoin, also based on Telegram, brought to its users. In fact, some people managed to earn tons of money, simply by tapping on a coin in Notcoin’s game space. After being listed on many trusted crypto exchanges on May 16th, 2024, Notcoin shifted to an explore-to-earn model, instead of its initial tap-to-earn style. So, many holders of $NOT, sold the coins they gained as easy as tapping on their phone’s screen, to a very good price.

      When people around the world found out how Notcoin gamers earned money overnight, Hamster Combat, which was launched on March 26 of the same year, gained unbelievable attention from people around the world. Young and old, joined (and still are joining) Telegram to play this game and earn a coin named HMSTR.

      Hamster Combat

      Hamster Combat Coin Use Cases

      HMSTR coins can be spent on purchasing in-game items, completing in-game daily tasks or gaining more coins! This coin is listed on only a few exchanges, with a price that includes eight decimal zeros. So, to earn this coin, you can either play the game or buy it from these exchanges which to be honest, are not quite well-known.

      Obviously, these use cases are not the main reason why most people join this game. In fact, many people play this game hoping when the day comes and HMSTR becomes listed on crypto exchanges, they will sell their coins in exchange for real money.

      Hamster Combat Price

      Hamster combat price is currently unknown and players have to wait until its listing date, which is supposed to be sometime in June, 2024. However, there have been predictions regarding HMSTR coins. According to Techopedia, each Hamster Combat coin would be worth 0.01$ in July, 2024. In addition, it is expected the price of HMSTR coins would increase to even 0.1 in the upcoming years. That being said, as millions of people joined this game and started making coins, it is reasonable to doubt these predictions.

      How Does Hamster Combat Work?

      Hamster game is some sort of digital world, where there are lots of crypto exchanges that each one is led by a Hamster gamer as a CEO. These exchanges compete with each other to see which one is able to make more coins and become the top exchange in the Hamster world. The only task that these CEOs have is tapping on their device’s screen. They can simply hold their coins or spend them to upgrade their exchange to earn even more money. The main features of Hamster Combat include:

      • Invitation Rewards: Hamster Combat rewards users who invite others in Telegram with HMSTR coins.
      • Integration with NFTs: Hamsters in the game are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which could be personalized using in-game items that users can purchase by spending HMSTR coins. Each Hamster has its unique features and abilities. These NFTs are tradable in NFT marketplaces.
      • Exiting Game Features and Actions: The game is not limited to tapping the screen to earn more coins. In fact, this is an exciting game with real combats!
      • Contests and Limited-Time Events: Players can participate in special events and contests to earn more coins.
      Hamster Kombat Features

      Hamster Combat download

      Here, we are going to teach you how to download and install Hamster Combat and how to start playing it. Below is a step-by-step guide:

      1. The first step would be to install the Telegram app on your phone. For security reasons, only download Telegram from trustable sources, including Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple Store for Apple devices. If you already have Telegram on your phone/tablet, you can skip this step.
      2. After you joined Telegram, you can search for Hamster Kombat in the search box in the Telegram app. Then, tap on the Hamster Kombat bot with a blue tick, which is the official bot for this game.
      3. When you open the bot, you have to tap on the start button.
      4. You receive some messages from the bot. Now, tap on the “Play in 1 click” option.
      5. A message pops up which says “To launch this app, you will connect to its website.” Just tap on the “Start”.
      6. The Hamster Kombat app launches. You can tap on the arrow on the right side to read the instructions.
      7. After finishing the instructions, you can simply tap on the screen to earn HMSTR coins. To use other features, you can navigate to different parts of the game. Easy-peasy!

      Final Thoughts

      In recent months, Telegram-based tap-to-earn games gained so much popularity which could be mainly due to Notcoin’s experience. Currently, at the time of writing the present blog on June 23, 2024, Hamster Combat, with around 150 million active users, is the most popular tap-to-earn game that makes it more difficult to expect HMSTR coins to be listed with a noticeable price on the Hamster Combat listing date in July, 2024.

      While just tapping on your phone’s screen seems such an effortless and harmless way to make some extra cash, you shouldn’t forget about the time you allocate to play a game that definitely will not add anything to you as a human being. Moreover, it’s a good idea to always consider the psychological and physiological side effects of such repetitive activities before engaging in them.

      Hamster Combat doesn’t seem to be a scam, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the time and energy that users put into this game will not go to waste, as the exact price of every HMSTR coin would be affected by many factors, including one of the basic principles of economics which tell us that abundant is almost always worthless! If you need any guidance regarding cryptocurrencies or any other financial markets, feel free to reach out!

      Is Hamster Combat A Scam?

      Probably not. But as the number of users who constantly make new HMSTR coins by tapping on their phones’ screens are too high, it is hard to imagine a worthy price for this token at its listing data.

      What is the Hamster Combat Official Site?

      Hamster Combat official site is https://hamsterkombat.io/.

      How much is the Hamster Combat price?

      At the time of writing the present blog on June 23, 2024 is not listed on any crypto exchange, so its price is known.

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