Collaboration with Academy

Our Morale in ITB is to pay special attention to training and qualifying traders in the financial turbulence markets. We always care about the instructors in this industry.

With over two decades of experience in the international financial markets, we’ve consistently aimed to establish a platform that offers multifaceted benefits to all stakeholders in this business sphere. . Accordingly, We invite all lecturers, institutions, analysts, and activists of this market to cooperate.

ITBFX has great respect for all instructors and teachers. Those who have an impressive track record in teaching financial markets and trading can join us on a glorious path.

Contact us for further information to start working with ITB.

Advantages of Working with Us:

  • Attractive incentive schemes for institutions
  • Commission free trading
  • Privileges for top students of your institutes
  • Providing advertising services for the expansion of your institutes
  • Easy start and quick authentication to create an account
  • Fast and easy deposit and withdrawal
  • Lowest spread and highest profit margin for traders
  • Recognized Regulation
  • Variety in symbols (including symbols of digital currencies, currency pairs, metals, energy, stock indices, etc)